(1) Starting 12/6/2013, all signals and performance will be posted on SIGNALS page. (https://gambulator.wordpress.com/signals/)

(1) Fidelity Wealth-lab pro (https://www.fidelity.com/trading/advanced-trading-tools/strategy-testing/faqs) is used for simulation. Daily data is from yahoo finance.

(2) Exit method  is inspired by Larry Williams ‘s  Oops exit. In this case we exit a trade with the first profitable opening or close The stop is 2.5% (usually), I will state the exit condition if it is different. As long as we don’t hit the 2.5% stop, we will keep the position until we hit a profitable opening or close.

(3) Contact: Email me at gambulator@gmail.com rather than posting comments. It is hard to keep track of the comments.


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