I don’t work for @DougKass, don’t have money invested with him. I don’t know him personally. There are so many haters after I tweeted risk happens fast and I learned that from Doug. Here are my thoughts:

(1) If you notice, every time Doug says something like risk happens fast, it is usually a warning because of some fundamental issues Doug can observe in the marketplace (I suppose he uses some technical too but I don’t know). I usually reduce position sizing.
(2) Lots of people complains about Doug’s TBT trade but I don’t hear people mentioning his muni bond trade. What about buying at the low of the 2009 ? No one can be right all the time, even George Soros could be wrong. Position sizing is the key. If you read Doug’s tweet and uses ALL of your money to buy TBT…. You better go read something on position sizing first or you will be broke soon. Do you think Doug put his millions of client money in one trade ? He would be out of business by now.